Jerome Russell Punky Mood Red To Pink 2 Oz.

Jerome Russell
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We've captured magic and put it in a jar! This NEW, fun and unique temporary hair dye is formulated to change color with cool or hot temperatures. Watch with excitement as your hair color changes right before your eyes, just as fast as your STYLE mood changes, with just one touch. It doesn't matter what your natural hair color is, Punky Colour Mood Switch will transform your hair into a virtual kaleidoscope of color that instantly changed at 86 Fahrenheit/ 30 Celsius. Express your individuality with Punky Colour Mood Witch. Slice in different colors and watch them react to any heat source and back again.

  • Formulated to change color with cool or hot temperatures
  • Doesn't matter what ones natural hair color is
  • Color changes at 86 Fahrenheit or 30 Celsius
  • Express your individuality
  • 33723441993

  • Red to Pink

  • 2 Oz.

  • Punky Mood