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At the time, our founder, KT, was employee #1 at KT Supply. During his two years of growing the KT Supply Business, he realized that many customers were asking for the same data, over and over again. An idea occurred - what if the entirety of web data could be packaged and distributed to companies instantly? And so KT Supply Wholesale operation started in 2021.

It was a big vision. Over the next few years, the KT Supply Wholesale team keep building a usable data and stock them. Today KT Supply Wholesale team continues to test products and develop profitable business model for our customers.


The KT Supply Wholesale team developed over 40,000 products which is accepted in market and profitable.

Essential Products which people needed daily bases, and our customer can keep suppling to make a profit to maintain customer's business.

Most of products are on our selves to serve our customer's business.


The KT Supply Wholesale team will continuous developing more products daily bases to support our customers.