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Data Usage Policy for Premium Member

This is yearly subscription. As soon as customer upgrade to Premium Member, benefits are all activated automatically.
Just in case, if benefits are not activated, please logout and log back in.
Any case the benefits are not working, please contact us.

Place to use data

There has no restriction to use this data, but customer must provide kt supply where this data is going to be used or being used

Since there has only 3 sections to add places to use data. If you have additional place which customer use this data, please email at wholesale@ktsupply.com to nofify us the additional place then our legal team will be aware.

Subscription Fee

Once account has been upgraded to "Premium Member", original subsciption fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.

No Data Sharing

Customer can't share the data with any other parties

Our data monitoring team has found any violations, account will be inactive and will follow legal activities by contract.

Subscription Ends

Once subscription period has passed and not renewed, customer can still use the data in designated places which KT supply aware. But previledge to download up to date data and inventory information will be locked automatically