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Special Order Products

In order to maximize the products we’re able to offer to you, some items on our website are not normally stocked in our warehouses. These items may be shipped directly to you from the manufacturer, or brought into our warehouse with our next stock order from the manufacturer and then shipped to you. These items are marked "Special Order" underneath the price on the item's page. Please understand that Special Order items may not be able to ship within 2-3 business days like our regularly stocked items. As a result, we encourage you to contact a Customer Care Specialist prior to ordering if you have questions about the delivery time of a Special Order item!

Special Order Return

We may not always able to cancel special order items once the order is placed and may not be returnable.

Stock Request for Special Order Product

We may bring any special order products for you if you can advise us how many you needed in regular time period.

Regular Stock But Limited Quantity Left on Shelve

Member/Silver Member still need to purchase minimum order quantity and will ship seperately once product is back in stock