38 mm Red Top for Squeeze Bottle (Replacement Part),Pack of 12

Category: Kitchen Hand Tools
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Our yorker Caps are shown in the picture. Cap can be used in many applications when used with liquid thickness as you will have to wood the tip of the opening lid wider than honey is sent 0.030 "opening. Included with each nozzle is a cap, making for sanitary use. It has a .030 Orifice in lid.To tighten Bottles with thread size neck that measures 38 mm or about 1 - 5/16 inch diameter openings.It is not compatible with all wide mouth bottles including the wide mouth bottles from psw-32

  • Squeeze Bottle, design with lid, 1 12
  • Pointed red color
  • Size 38 400 for bottles with 1 3/8 "opening
  • 34042448176